Jessica G.

Jess G

Assistant Manager/ Zumba Instructor

Jessica is a 22 year old certified ZUMBA instructor! She has always had a passion for dancing whether it’s hip-hop, tap, jazz, or ballet; She loves it all! When she attended college at East Stroudsburg University she started teaching hip-hop/ jazz classes for a wonderful Community Dance Program run by the University’s Dance Company. Eventually she found a great way to combine exercise and her passion, and that was through Zumba. When she would take Zumba the atmosphere felt more like a fun party rather than exercising, It was always a blast! Within those 4 years of college she lost over 50 pounds from taking Zumba classes, and eventually became inspired to become a Zumba instructor! One of her new passions is instructing Zumba classes and hoping to inspire others with such an awesome workout!