Joanna F.

General Manager / Partner

Meet Joanna, a high energetic certified instructor with a passion to teach HIIT, Barre, and Zumba! Joanna first got into fitness when she graduated high school. Quickly realizing the importance of staying healthy, she decided to make working out a priority. Working in China for two years with special needs orphans, left limited options for workouts. This pushed her to be creative with her workouts. China is where she learned self-discipline and dedication. Living and working on campus made life busy, with very little time for workouts. This is where she found her passion for quick, high intense workouts that brought the sweat on fast! HIIT became her favorite type of workout. Jump Squats and High Knees are her specialty. Joanna is currently studying business through Rutgers University. When she is not teaching you’ll find her spending time with family and friends, watching some kind of sporting event, or enjoying good food! Joanna truly believes the best way to a fit and healthy life style is starting with loving yourself. The rest will fall into place.