Tanya A.

Tanya A

Barre Instructor/ Partner

Meet Tanya, passionate barre instructor and our all-around resident cheerleader. An elementary school teacher by day, Tanya brings her energetic and highly motivational teaching style to La Belle on nights and weekends. A student of the highly-regarded Core Fusion barre teacher training program, Tanya draws on a variety of unique techniques and disciplines to formulate her classes. Her barre classes are dynamic and varied enough to hold the interest of highly-experienced students, and yet individualized enough to cater to the complete novice. Tanya hails from rural Oklahoma, where she studied elementary education at Northwestern Oklahoma State University and, at a young age, founded a dance, gymnastics, and cheer school. Today she resides in Cherry Hill with her husband and three kids. When she’s not teaching, Tanya enjoys stand up paddle-boarding and watching her kids in their many activities.